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Communication, expert knowledge and satisfied clients is what we stand for! Whether you have support needs, IT planning, implementation or just a computer emergency. We are here to help. We effectively complete our projects - they range from small to big - we communicate and successfully work with every client's needs. Our client base includes small businesses, professional clients, senior citizens, retirees that may need that little bit of extra help and of course all types of individual clients. We are not the typical nerdy geek squad but friendly, attentive, welcoming and highly educated and experienced professionals that provide real solutions for our clients in a timely manner at an affordable rate. We provide onsite service as well as remote solutions but also help to teach our clients to further their knowledge.

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Expert Computer Support - we are here to help all your computer needs
Web Development and DevOps Experience

DevOps & Web Development

Are you in need for website development - website maintenance - website upgrades? We have 25+ years of experience & expert knowledge of all aspects of web development. We have provided successful solutions to small businesses, large academic institutions, and of course corporate needs - from the ground up for small and large sites - from server and software implementation, securing, load balancing and testing sites to effective online marketing and SEO. Multiple advanced degrees and decades of experience make it easy for our experts to fulfill all your web related needs. Web development projects and site maintenance, upgrades, etc. at $50-$90/hr or per project onsite or remote. We work well with teams or independently - your short or long term project is what counts! Need help today?

Computer Networking and Engineering - Wired & Wireless Network Expertise

Networking - Wired & Wireless

Looking to plan, implement, extend, diagnose, set up or repair a wired or wireless network? We have years of experience providing short and long distance networks and networking equipment like routers, home routers, cable modems, firewalls, etc. We provide low voltage and high class wireless network installations for small business, home, or individual clients. Projects are billed at $60/hr or on a project basis.

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